Blockchain Unchained 2018 will be held in Geneva, WBO will sponsor as the media partner.

WBO has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Swiss-based financial technology company SwissBorg: The Blockchain Unchained 2018 sponsored by SwissBorg will be held in Geneva, Switzerland in September, and WBO will sponsor as a media partner.


Blockchain Unchained is a three-day conference to be held in Geneva, Switzerland aiming to make blockchain technology comprehensible and accessible to the general public and raise awareness of how this new technology can be used in a myriad of business and banking ventures. With the goal of bridging the off-chain and on-chain worlds, Blockchain Unchained will unchain the mystery of blockchain and expose the vast promise and potential it has for future projects.

The conference has a two-fold purpose: to raise awareness of the utility of blockchain technology in the traditional world of banking & finance and to help enable young start-ups to get on their feet networking and pitching their ICOs. Start-ups, new to blockchain technology, will have an opportunity to learn how to grow, nurture, and pitch their ICO ideas.


The conference will give lectures, discussions and ICO Pitches Competitions on topics such as block ecosystem, payment prospects, banking and blockchain, blockchain financial technology and regulatory technology. Attendees can join a couple of days of talks by experts from the blockchain and traditional banking spheres and engage in networking and community building.



About SwissBorg

SwissBorg is a Swiss fintech company headquartered in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland, decentralized to the world. It is the first Swiss crypto-wealth management platform based on the blockchain, developed by a team of financial experts. By utilizing the community-centric approach, SwissBorg aims to offer best of breed investment solutions fully focused on the community.


Blockchain Unchained is a great a chance to promote sponsors’ brand among a young and international community of fintech professionals, innovators and participants passionate about the potentials of blockchain technology and the possibilities of bridging the on-chain and off-chain spheres. Inform the community about your new/upcoming product by becoming a speaker and take part in the panel discussion. This is a great chance to enter and maintain a presence in a new field that has a vast reach and a promising future, maximize brand’s exposure and attract new clients and partners.

For more information, please visit the official website:




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