As an advocacy group, our mission is to guide and promote comprehensive adoption of blockchain technology across various countries and industries. We do this by engaging with policymakers, regulators, market participants, and technology innovators through direct communication, comment letters, events, research and more to guide the public dialogue about blockchain, digital currencies and smart contract technology, so that the industries can realize the full potential of these capabilities.

If you or your firm is interested in engaging in the blockchain ecosystem to drive adoption forward, then joining the World Blockchain Organization, offers many opportunities for engaging with peers through our advocacy, education and thought leadership initiatives


Corporate Membership

  • Research and development Vendors
  • Operation Services Providers
  • Consultative Services Providers
  • Education Services Providers
  • Legal Services Providers
  • Investment Banks
  • Investment Funds
  • Exchanges

Alliance Membership

  • Associations
  • Alliances
  • Councils
  • Federations
  • Foundations
  • No-Profit Organizations

Observer Membership

  • Law and Policy Makers
  • Regional Authorities
  • Regulators
  • Law Enforcement Agency

All applications for membership are subject to approval and may require a full vote by the Board of Directors.

Benefits of Membership

Industry Leadership
• The ability to direct and govern the development directions of blockchain industry
• Direct access to executives of the World Blockchain Organization for blockchain strategy discussions
• Entry to exclusive, invite-only blockchain leadership summits focused on technical, compliance, and business topics
• Prominent placement of your organization’s brand on WBO’s websites and social networks, World Blockchain Fair and other events.
• Potential seat on the Board of Directors
Technical Leadership
• The ability to create new technical workgroups and collaborate in a neutral setting to solve critical blockchain issues
• Direct access to technical decision-makers of the blockchain community
• Opportunities for technical leadership roles in WBO’s initiatives
Legal Leadership
• Invitation to exclusive legal conferences to discuss the blockchain industry’s global legal strategy
• Direct access to our blockchain lawmaker consulting group
Community Leadership
• Invitations to guest speak at WBO events
• Ability to attend Blockchain Leadership Summit
• Working Group Participation

How to join?

The established procedure to join the WBO membership is the following:

1)  Fill out the “Membership Application Form”,

2)  Your corporate Certificate of Registration

3)  Personal ID of your contact person

Email the photocopy version of these three documents to:

The World Blockchain Organization (WBO) at member@unwbo.org

Once the three aforementioned documents have been received and after verification of compliance with the established requirements, the application will be referred to the WBO Executive Council for approval, which will imply the recognition and coming into force of all the rights and obligations of the WBO Membership.

Upon approval of the application by the Executive Council, the entity shall assume its obligation to pay the prorated portion of the established annual contribution (US$2,000) based on its date of admission.

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