How will I benefit?

The Blockchain Knowledge System offers a wide range of collaboration opportunities between Members:

  1. Join an international platform to interact with stakeholders from both the public and private sectors
  2. Gain unlimited access to WBO statistical data and WBO events
  3. Opportunity to join the WBO efforts and demonstrate your commitment to advance sustainable blockchain.

By joining the Blockchain Knowledge System, members gain access to the following tools and benefits, exclusively available for them:

1. WBO Prototype Methodology

To address the goal of knowledge generation, WBO Blockchain Knowledge System has developed a prototype methodology to establish a framework where stakeholders from the public and private sectors can collaborate on the development of innovative blockchain products to help address common challenges in blockchain and enhance blockchain competitiveness. The designed roadmap is based on an initial research and incorporates different elements such as governance models, branding, marketing, training and development of human capital as well as tangible and intangible heritage.

2. WBO Networks

WBO Networks serve as a venue for active collaboration among WBO Members – stakeholders from public and private sectors – to address pressing blockchain-related issues of common interest. Its main objective is to enhance partnership´s value by facilitating the engagement of all actors, the exchange of knowledge and the development of innovative projects.

3. WBO Working groups

WBO Working Groups are open to all members who wish to exchange expertise on specific blockchain segments.

4. Launch of publications developed in collaboration with WBO
The WBO Reports explore emerging blockchain segments from the perspective of public-private partnerships and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in blockchain. The WBO Reports are produced in collaboration with specific Members, offering excellent visibility opportunities.

5. Organization of Conferences and events in collaboration with WBO
To facilitate the exchange of expertise and networking opportunities, WBO regularly organizes events where WBO Members, experts and key stakeholders meet to address the major trends, challenges and opportunities of the sector. Among others, WBO members have the opportunity to host events in collaboration with WBO, attend as a participant or a panelist, and take advantage of the numerous partnership and networking opportunities these events offer.

WBO member can also attend all WBO events held throughout the year on all five continents.

6. Circulate information among the Affiliate

As one of the objectives of BKS is to facilitate networking and information exchange among our members, BKS regularly distributes relevant information on member organization and their initiatives at their request within KBS.

8. Use of WBO Logo

Upon formal approval, members are allowed to include the WBO logo on their website or stationary to give visibility to their membership.

We encourage all entities interested in actively taking part in any of the initiatives listed above, in establishing a specific collaboration and/or propose any new initiatives to contact us at

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