WBO Expertise

WBO Expertise group will help WBO to participate in the WBO’s mission to guide and promote comprehensive adoption of the block chain, digital currencies, and smart contract technologies across various industries. The work of WBO Expertise group could be volunteered and/or compensated.

WBO Symposium

WBO Symposium is an event mixed with summits, exhibition, competition and education; also, is providing an unique opportunity to know how to play in the roll out of the block chain, digital currencies, and smart contract approaches in the various industries. WBO symposium brings together WBO board, members, expertise, and leaders together to share their expertise and deep knowledge in the block chain.

WBO Activities

WBO Research: WBO will cooperate with a number of universities and research institutions to conduct block chain research, such as the Caribbean Institute Of Blockchain Industry(CIBCI).

WBO Certification: WBO Certification’s objective is to help establish authoritative block chain standards for talent development and best practices to address the skill shortage that limited the widespread adoption of block chain technology in the industry.

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