• Sir Rodney Williams, Governor of Antigua and Barbuda, has taken up the post of WBO General Assembly Chairman.
  • Dr. Shuo Bai, former Shanghai Stock Exchange Chief Engineer, serves as the Chief Scientist of WBO Committees.
  • Radford Hill, former Attorney General of Antigua and Barbuda, acts as the Deputy Director General of WBO Executive Council.
  • Famous angel investor Charles Xue acts as the Standing Directorof WBO Executive Council.
  • Frank Lee, Chairman of Sichuan Jiaozi Group, acts as the Standing Directorof WBO Executive Council.

WBO Organization Management

Members of the World Blockchain Organization Council are divided into board members and ordinary members.

Join in

Fill out and submit the “World Blockchain Organization Membership Application Form” and related application materials. After being reviewed and registered by the Secretariat of the World Blockchain Organization Secretariat, the President may approve it and become a member or member of the organization.

If a member commits a serious violation of the rules and regulations of the organization, or acts that seriously damage other directors, members and the interests of the organization, the Office of the Secretariat or the Public Prosecutor’s Office shall submit it to the Executive Director of the Executive Council for approval and delisting.


The full name of the world blockchain organization and the LOGO shall not be used freely without written permission. If used for business meetings or events, a separate license agreement or contract shall be signed with the world blockchain organization.

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