The World Blockchain Organization (WBO) is a Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), an international advocacy organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible block chain technology. Our mission is to guide and promote comprehensive adoption of block chain technology across industries.

WBO is doing this by engaging with policymakers, regulators, technology innovators and market participants through direct communication, comment letters, studies and more to guide the public dialogue about block chain, digital currencies and smart contract technology, so that the industries can realize the full potential of these capabilities. WBO is seeking to do this in a way that is effective, complies with all regulatory safeguards and ultimately paves the way for more efficient and profitable markets.



World Blockchain Organization was registered at the State of Delaware of United States as a non-for-profit organization.


The First Constitutive Assembly of the World Blockchain Organization (WBO) is held in Shanghai The temporary WBO headquarters are established in Antigua and Barbuda.


World Blockchain Organization was registered with United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).


Asian Blockchain Summit was held by WBO at Westin Hotel, Shenzhen, China.


WBO becomes a partner of Tech Dao at DAVOS FORUM 2018, Davos, Switzerland.



WBO establishes its offices at New York city, USA.


Organization Structure

Although WBO headquartered in Antigua and Barbuda, UN and North American representative offices (including representative offices to New York UN headquarters and  Geneva UN headquarters, Canada (Vancouver, and Montreal), USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Washington State Representative Offices)) are going to be opened. According to the current plan, with the approval of the local government, WBO will set up a representative office in Asia in the future.

The Organization Structure of World Block Chain Organization is as follows:

Executive Board

The Executive Board is WBO’s governing board, responsible for ensuring that the Organization can roll out their work planning and approve their annual budget. This board is composed of Executive Director (Frank), Director of Finance (Frankie), Director of Policy (Roy), Director of Program (Frankie) and Director of Communication (Maggie); also, is planning to meet twice every year. As the host country of WBO´s Headquarters, Each of Antigua and Barbuda will assign a permanent director to the Executive Board.

Advisor Committees

Dedicated Advisor Committees of WBO provide the professional advisory on management and program improvement. These include: the Program and Finance Committee, the Policy Committee, the Communication Committee. Under the Program Committee’s leadership, more professional Committees such as the Legal and Regulatory Agency, the Technology and Standard Agency, the Training and Education Agency, the Test and Certification Agency, the Ethics and Discipline Agency and the Membership Agency etc. will be set up; also these professional agencies will work together with the world-wide research institutes and Universities for the study activities.

Regional Committees

WBO has several regional committees – Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, America, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. The committees meet at least once a year and are composed of both the Enterprise Members, Professional Union Members and NGO Members etc.. The Executive Directors will guide the operation of regional Committees; also, the professional committees will work together with regional committees for any study activities.

Secretariat Department of WBO

The Secretariat is led by Secretary-General , who supervises the full-time staffs at WBO’s Headquarter. These officials are responsible for implementing WBO’s routine work and serving the needs of Members. The Secretariat also includes a regional support office at New York City, USA and Geneva city, Switzerland. The official languages of WBO are English, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish; also, the diversity minority will be welcomed by our NGO.

Note: The WBO-sponsored UN Block-chain Foundation is helping block chain industry development and will raise the fund mainly from the UN member states and Fortune 500 companies to focus on investing in block chain equity investment and to promote the development of the block chain industry world widely. Any fund raise issues, please contact at Partnership@unwbo.org.

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